IP CCTV Systems

What is IP CCTV & is it right for me?

They work by turning images and audio into data, then transmit this data over a network or internet connection.  The ultimate benefits of this over analogue systems is greater flexibility, better camera performance, better system integration and better value for money.

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Benefits of IP CCTV:
  • IP Cameras have no theoretical limit to resolution, provided the relevant bandwidth to transmit the images exists
  • Our IP cameras offer especially high detail precision with Megapixel resolution, at least 3x better quality versus standard analogue cameras, thus reducing the number of cameras required to cover an area and overall total cost of ownership
  • Useful for number plate identification and facial recognition as digital images can be zoomed in on without losing quality
  • Pricing equivalent to analogue systems
  • IP systems run over existing networks, causing less disruption, reducing the time required to install them, and minimizing unsightly cables
  • If POE (Power over Ethernet) cameras and networks are used, IP CCTV doesn't require separate power, they can be powered via the network cable
  • IP CCTV systems integrate and co-exist with other IP based solutions like Access control and Voip telephone systems seamlessly
  • Allows for scalability for future growth
  • Larger systems or multiple sites can be easily controlled and monitored using Secure Vision's powerful client software
Hikvision Introduces 4 Mega Pixel CCTV Cameras :


Hikvision Smart IPC Series :


  • Face Detection
  • Smart Audio Detection
  • Smart Focus
  • Intrusion Detection (Line Crossing)
  • Smart Codec for increased recording time
  • People Counting
Resolutions, MegaPixels - How does this change my recording?

Resolution or pixel count is the main factor that will influence the overall clarity of the recorded image. Just like your HDTV at home the higher the number of pixels shown on the screen the more detailed the image will be. This logic is the same for CCTV cameras as the pixels recorded from the camera sensor are saved into the image and more pixels equals more detail. With the introduction of H265 codec's the new range of IP CCTV cameras will allow you to record more footage using the same hard disk storage space.

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