Who we are?


Secure Vision is a Cape Town; South Africa based security installation company.  Secure Vision was created, keeping in mind the growing security concerns in the Cape Town area, and the need to install CCTV that has risen in all sectors. We offer CCTV installation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We offer security solutions for all types of budgets. If you want a simple basic CCTV surveillance system, then our Analogue CCTV Systems are the most reasonable solution for a small business or home. For a higher security level, our IP CCTV Systems offer remote video access, which is ideal for a widespread business. In addition, the high definition cameras that we offer to our clients are a deal breaker themselves.

Our service does not stop at installation. We provide our clients with periodic system upgrades, both software and hardware. Our remote viewing software allows you to monitor your CCTV system on a vast array of devices, be it PC, Mac, phones (Android and iPhone) and even tablets. All our products are warranted and we take full responsibility for any damaged products  or the glitches faced post installation.

You can take advantage of our promotions on a range of services that we provide.
These promotions are for a limited period, and are continuously replaced by new ones. Our extremely friendly and eager team, will listen and guide you in achieving a tailor-made solution according to your need, want and most importantly your budget.