Analogue CCTV Systems

What is Analogue CCTV & is it right for me?

An analogue CCTV system is a great option, particularly for small businesses or homes.

You may see this technology referred to as SD (standard definition), analog (or analogue) CCTV. It is reliable, cost effective and proven.

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Benefits of Analogue CCTV:
  • All Secure Vision's analogue surveillance systems are fully compatible with PC or Apple Mac and phone devices such as iPads and cell phones.
  • Remotely view live and recorded security camera footage from any internet connected device 24/7
  • The innovative technology installed into today’s security cameras give great flexibility when choosing the right CCTV cameras for your location.
  • It is easy to select the correct camera to achieve the best results.
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) come in different sizes for cost effective systems starting with a single camera.
  • Larger systems or multiple sites can be easily controlled and monitored using Secure Vision's powerful client software.
Resolutions, TV lines, Pixels - How does this change my recording?

Resolution or pixel count is the main factor that will influence the overall clarity of the recorded image. Just like your HDTV at home the higher the number of pixels shown on the screen the more detailed the image will be. This logic is the same for CCTV cameras as the pixels recorded from the camera sensor are saved into the image and more pixels equals more detail.




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